Charlotte Harbor Fishing Charters

Whether you want to fish the backcountry of Charlotte Harbor for redfish, snook, or trout -- or you want to chase the mighty tarpon -- Capt. Justin has you covered!

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Charlotte Harbor is one of the largest saltwater estuaries in Florida and it is home to some of the most sought after game fish in the world.

Tarpon, Redfish, Snook, Trout, Cobia and Jack Crevalle all call this wonderful body of water home. Its diverse fishing grounds offer many ways for us to pursue these great fighters as well as offering beautiful scenery. Mangrove lined shores, pristine beaches, thousands of acres of shallow grass flats and hundreds of creeks and rivers provide the settings for some really exciting fishing.

A typical day fishing here will start us catching bait (if you would like to do that with us. Otherwise, we’ll catch bait before we pick you up). The bay has an abundance of live bait for us to use. We just have to catch them with a cast net. Then we’ll head off to the fishing grounds.

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The perfect recipe for amazing inshore fishing.

Justin has fished the waters for years and knows what to look for. A ripple on the water may be a random occurrence to you but Capt. Justin may see the signs of a school of Redfish.

It may take a few minutes for Capt. Justin to locate the fish so be patient. A lot of our fish locating is done by site so Capt. Justin may take a few minutes to survey the area before we put lines in the water. Once the fish are located we’ll toss our baits in their direction.

That’s when the excitement starts. Rods will be bent and you’ll fight the fish to the boat. Once the fish are in the boat, Capt. Justin will be glad to take some photos for you and he’ll even email them to you later. If you choose to keep some of your catch, Capt. Justin will be happy to clean and bag them for you to take home for dinner.

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A picture of Charlotte Harbor Fishing with Native Salt Charters

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