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Spring brings with it the promise of longer days, warmer weather, and the start of a fishing season that many look forward to all year. And in Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor, the change in season marks the beginning of some of the best fishing of the year.

So for those who follow the rhythms of fishing seasons, these months are circled, underlined, and highlighted on the calendar because they’re not just any time of the year—they’re THE time of the year for fishing—offering a mix of reliable favorites and the thrill of potentially landing something unexpected.

Spring is a fantastic time for fishing around here whether you’re looking to stay inshore or head a bit further out into the nearshore waters. After months of waiting, planning, and daydreaming about being back on the water, it’s finally happening. And let me tell you, the fish are just as ready as you are. They’re moving, feeding, and doing their fish thing, which means your chances of landing something good are looking pretty great this month.

Boca Grande Fishing in March

What’s Biting Inshore?

March is when things start to get very interesting, especially as we hit the middle of the month. This is when Snook decides it’s time to show up and give Florida fishermen a run for their money.

It’s like they’ve been laying low, and now they’re ready to party. When the snook fishing starts picking up, let me tell you, these guys are a blast to catch.

A picture of Boca Grande FL Fishing Report (March - April 2024) with Native Salt Charters

But hey, Snook isn’t the only game species in town. The waters are alive with all sorts of fish.

You’ve also got your Redfish, which are always a solid choice. There’s also Spotted Seatrout to catch—and not only are they fun to catch, but they’re pretty tasty, too.

Pompano? Oh, they’re around, and they’re as feisty as ever. But if you’re looking for a challenge, try your luck with Jack Crevalle. These fish are known for their fighting spirit, and they definitely don’t go down without a fight. It’s like they’ve got something to prove—so catching one of these guys feels like a real achievement.

For those who like a bit more variety, there’s Black Drum and Sheepshead. These guys might not get all the hype, but they’re definitely worth targeting. They’ve got their own unique appeal, and catching them can be pretty satisfying.

Now, if you’re into something a bit more thrilling, keep your eyes peeled for Blacktip and Bonnethead Sharks. It’s not every day you get to say you caught a shark, right? They make for some great stories.

So while Snook might be the star of the show for many, the numerous other local species around here in Spring make sure Boca Grande fishing charters are full of surprises. It’s the local mix of reliable favorites and the chance at something unexpected that keeps fishermen coming back to these waters every spring.

How’s the Nearshore Fishing in March?

Heading out a bit further—somewhere between deep sea and inshore—where the water takes on a deeper blue hue…

Out here, the action’s just as hot as inshore—maybe even more so. You’ve got Cobia roaming around, which, if you’ve never caught one, let me tell you, it’s an experience. These fish are not only strong but smart, making them a worthy adversary for any fisherman.

Then there are the speed demons of the sea… King and Spanish Mackerel. Catching these guys is like trying to reel in a torpedo. They’re fast, they’re furious, and boy, do they make fishing exciting.

A picture of Boca Grande FL Fishing Report (March - April 2024) with Native Salt Charters

Red and Gag Grouper, Mangrove, and Lane Snapper—these are some of the names that get any Florida fisherman’s heart racing. (And if you’re out to fill the cooler with something that tastes as good as it fights, you can’t go wrong with Snapper.)

Don’t overlook the Amberjack, either. These guys are like the linebackers of the sea – big, tough, and not afraid to put up a fight.

Catching one? It’s a workout and a half, but totally worth it.

And let’s not forget the Blacktip Sharks who can add some real thrills to nearshore fishing trips.

Now, as we march through early Spring and start to edge into April, keep your tackle ready because the fishing scene will start to change up a bit. New fish will start showing up, offering some fresh challenges, and opportunities to brag about something different.

Moving into Early April…

April welcomes Tarpon, the silver king of sportfishing, starting to show up. This is big news, and fishermen from all over get pretty hyped about Tarpon season. These fish are legendary for the fight they put up. Catching a silver king? Yeah, it’s a bucket-list kind of thing for a lot of folks.

You’ve got boats of all sizes drifting through Boca Grande Pass, all the fishermen standing ready with their rods, and then boom—the water explodes as a Tarpon takes the bait. The fight that follows is something you’ve got to experience to believe. These fish are strong, they leap out of the water, and they test every bit of your skills (and gear).

A picture of Boca Grande FL Fishing Report (March - April 2024) with Native Salt Charters

But let’s circle back to why Boca Grande is the Tarpon fishing capital. This place is like a magnet for Tarpon, especially during the migration period when these giants are in search of warmer waters.

The geography of Boca Grande Pass with its deep waters and strong currents creates a perfect feeding ground for Tarpon. It’s one of the deepest natural passes in Florida, and it’s got these ripping currents that bring in a whole buffet of baitfish. And where there’s baitfish, there’s Tarpon. So you get these massive schools, so folks on fishing charters get the chance of a lifetime to hook into one of these high-flying acrobats.

A picture of Boca Grande FL Fishing Report (March - April 2024) with Native Salt Charters

While the tarpon start showing up as we get later into Spring, Snook will remain a consistent presence in April, alongside the regulars like Redfish, Spotted Seatrout, and Pompano.

Jack Crevalle will continue to provide action, and Flounder will also join the inshore roster—offering a nice change of pace. The shark fishing also remains steady through April with Blacktip and Bonnethead Sharks.

Now nearshore, Permit starts to show up, adding yet another famous Florida sportfishing species to the mix.

A picture of Boca Grande FL Fishing Report (March - April 2024) with Native Salt Charters

Permit returns off the coast in April alongside the usual crew like Cobia, King and Spanish Mackerel, as well as Grouper and Snapper. And of course, the shark fishing action with Blacktips continues to offer thrill seekers some extra excitement on the water.


Alright, let’s wrap this up with some key takeaways for anyone fishing around Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor this Spring.

Now that we’ve “dove deep” into what these spots have to offer, here’s the rundown on what you need to know:

  • Spring’s the Season – When spring hits, it’s like the starting gun for fishing season around here. Longer days and warmer weather mean the fish are as eager as you are to get things rolling.
  • Variety is the Spice of Fishing – From the inshore battles with Snook and Redfish to the nearshore adventures chasing Cobia and Mackerel, there’s something for every fisherman. Whether you’re after the thrill of the catch or a tasty dinner, you’re in the right place.
  • The Big Players Show Up – March and April are prime time for a reason. Snook starts making appearances inshore, while Cobia and those fast-moving Mackerels heat things up nearshore. And let’s not forget, Tarpon season is just around the corner as we march into April.
  • Don’t Sleep on the Underdogs – Sure, the big names get all the glory, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had fishing for Pompano, Jack Crevalle, Black Drum, and Sheepshead. (And keep an eye out for those Blacktips and Bonnethead Sharks!)

Spring Fishing in Boca Grande, Florida

A picture of Boca Grande FL Fishing Report (March - April 2024) with Native Salt Charters

There’s what to expect when fishing around Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor in Spring this year. Whether you’re inshore or nearshore, there are plenty of species to chase around here and a good variety to make every fishing trip interesting.

Boca Grande and nearby Charlotte Harbor are like the ultimate playgrounds for folks who love fishing. Think of them as your go-to spots for casting a line and relaxing by the water while enjoying some of Florida’s best natural scenery. From battling tarpon around Boca Grande Pass to hunting redfish among the mangroves in Charlotte Harbor, there’s something here for everyone, and you don’t have to be experienced fishing to have a good time. Whether you’re a pro whose tackle box has seen more action than a blockbuster movie, or a newbie who can’t tell a snook from a sneaker, this is the place to be.

Boca Grande & Charlotte Harbor Fishing Adventures

A picture of Boca Grande FL Fishing Report (March - April 2024) with Native Salt Charters

If you’re looking to truly experience the best of what these waters have to offer, Native Salt Charters is your go-to.

Capt. Justin Cauffman, the man behind the helm, isn’t just any fishing guide. Since 2007, he’s been sharing the waters of Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor with anglers from all over, guiding them through the thrill of hooking redfish, snook, trout, tarpon, and more.

What sets Capt. Justin apart is not just his expertise in finding the fish but his passion for sharing the beauty and excitement of these fishing adventures with others. He makes sure each trip is a memorable experience, whether you’re trying to land your first snook or battle with the mighty tarpon.

With Native Salt Charters, our deep knowledge of the area and its fishery makes sure you’re in the best spots at the best times, maximizing your chances of a successful catch. So whether you’re a beginner eager to learn the ropes or a pro chasing that bucket-list catch, Native Salt offers personalized fishing adventures that cater to your skill level and goals.

Ready to write your own chapter in the grand fishing tales of Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor? Native Salt Charters is your pen. We’re ready to guide you, teach you, and celebrate with you as you and your guests reel in not just fish—but memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Don’t let another season pass by watching from the shore. Book a trip with Native Salt Charters for a fishing adventure that goes beyond the catch. It’s time to live the stories you’ll tell for years to come. Are you in?

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